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    I’m overweight. What can I do?

    Obesity is a very serious health condition that leads to other serious health problems such as high blood pressure and diabetes.  We believe helping patients with obesity can alleviate a lot of health problems but if you’re looking for a “quick fix,” NO ONE CAN!!!  Obesity and Weight Management takes time and effort, and we...


    What is PRP?

    PRP stands for Platelet Rich Plasma. This is derived from your own blood and has shown many beneficial effects.  PRP can be used to help stimulate hair growth and are used for their regenerative and anti-inflammatory effects for joint pain.


    Why do I need Testosterone?

    —  Many know testosterone for it’s body building effects BUT not many know as we age, we produce less which can lead to many physical and psychological effects including depression, decreased endurance, decreased libido, loss of energy and bone density. —  Many men may not seek treatment because of shame and feeling uncomfortable with discussing...


    Do I need IV Hydration / Nutrient Therapy

    —  You will need to see one of our doctors to determine whether this therapy is beneficial for you. —  Some individuals benefit from IV therapy because of poor digestive absorption of proper nutrients from age related atrophy or hereditary conditions. —  The benefits of IV Hydration/Nutrient therapy include anti-aging, wight management, immunity, memory and...

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