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Robotic Hair Transplant

Suction Robotic Hair Transplant

The patented automation of the F.U.E. technique, developed in cooperation with the top international transplant surgeons by the French company MEDICAMAT, specialising for over 30 years in the design, manufacture and distribution throughout the world of patented aesthetic or medical or surgical devices, makes it possible to reduce the traditional procedure time by more than half, with a transection rate that can reach 0%.
Thus the primary obstacle to extending this F.U.E. technique is removed, and a much wider audience of men and woman can now be addressed.
The automation of the F.U.E. hair transplantation technique is based on the use of the electropneumatic device, developed by the company MEDICAMAT; its use optimises both the extraction of the grafts by a circular micro-punch of a maximum 0.8 to 1.40 mm diameter (the diameter is chosen by the practitioner depending on various criteria, such as the patient’s age, skin type, quality of the hair in the donor area, etc.) and their re-implantation in the recipient area.
The traditional F.U.E. technique is very “operator dependent”. In effect, using tools less than one millimetre in diameter to extract follicular units one by one requires great dexterity; however, it does not totally rule out the risks of transection (where the bulb is partially or totally damaged when it is cut out, and the hair does not grow back once implanted in the donor area).
By viewing the following drawings, one can understand the risks of transection during the traditional F.U.E. technique.
In the traditional F.U.E. technique, the slicing tool usually penetrates up to the top of the bulb, which greatly increases the risk of transection if the angle of penetration is not perfectly within the axis of the hair. In fact, many practitioners admit having a loss of more than 15 to 20%, which is hard to accept for a patient who is already losing a lot of hair! The practitioner then pulls out the graft, most often with a tweezer, which also traumatises it or, as a lesser evil, leaves the bulb in the skin.
In the S.A.F.E.R.® automated technique, the practitioner makes the rotating punch penetrate to the level of the superficial dermis, and simultaneous aspiration makes it possible to harvest the entire follicle without any trauma, even when the angle of penetration of the punch is not perfectly within the axis of the hair. Thus, the practitioner can obtain 100% intact grafts.
This new patented extraction technique provides optimum graft quality and an enormous savings in time, since it is no longer necessary to use a tweezer to extract the graft, a movement that is known to increase the risk of traumatising or damaging the graft beyond repair.

• Evacuation of the graft to the storage chamber
• Rotation of the punch that penetrates only the superficial dermis
• Extraction of the graft byaspiration

Finally, with the S.A.F.E.R.® automated technique, each graft previously spread out over a sterile field is picked up by aspiration using the second hand-held part of the instrument, then inserted into each incision by pressure from the piston of the hand-held part, the course of the piston being adjusted in advance, which noticeably increases the performance speed of the implantation phase. There is no longer any handling of the grafts with a tweezer, once again lowering the risk of trauma to the grafts.

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