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Follicular Unit extraction

FUE involves removing healthy hair follicles directly from donor area (Dense hair area usually back of the head) and inserting/grafting them one by one into the bald/patchy hair area of head. This process is very delicate where hairs are transplanted into the same slot that contain previous hair, hence attaining the better uptake [permanency], angles and direction of the grafted hairs.
This Hair transplant procedure delivers natural looking results with no scars, no stitches, less painful. Healing time (recovery period) for FUE depends upon the skin of the person.
Unlike “STRIP” Method Hair Transplant, where whole chunks of hairs are removed from donor area and inserted elsewhere( Area needful for hair), In FUE individual hairs are taken to transplant one by one in balding areas.

FUE is an excellent option for patients with:
Male Pattern Baldness
Female Pattern Baldness
Scars from Cosmetic Surgery
Missing or Thinning Eyebrows
People with Patches of Baldness or irregular baldness patterns

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