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Cost for HT

Five cost determining factors for hair transplant!

Hair transplant is considered a permanent solution for hair loss so that all victims looking for this procedure. Those who are planning to have this procedure cost is a major factor for everyone in Dubai. One thing that you need to know is that advanced techniques have made this restoration methodology more valuable and cheaper than other non-surgical treatments such hair system or hair care products. Hair Transplant Cost in Dubai is depending on five major factors. Let’s start digging into the details of these factors. Extent of Hair loss It is good to know that cost varies from one person to another. Higher the extent of lost hair, more costly a restoration will be. If person falls into Norwood Class II-IV then he surely need 500-1800 grafts. On the other hand, when person baldness touches Norwood Class IV-VI then a surgeon needs to opt for 1,600-4,000 grafts. When your scalp need more graft, you have to pay higher price. Type of Hair Restoration Technique There are mainly two main techniques of Hair Transplantation in Dubai: FUE and Strip harvesting. Former is more expensive than latter. Actually, FUE needs more time and effort of surgeon than strip harvesting, so it costs you more than strip hair transplant. Hair Characteristics The cost is also determined by your hair characteristics such as hair texture, ethnicity and color contrast. For example, if you have curly and wavy forms then fewer grafts will cover complete bald area. Contrary to this, surgeon needs to transplant more grafts for coverage of bald scalp if you hair texture is fine and straight. Availability of Donor Follicles An important factor that involves in determining cost is the availability of number of hair follicles in donor site. If more amount of donor hair is available then you can expect a cost-effective hair restoration. Surgeon Experience and Reputation The cost of the procedure is also dependent on the experience of surgeon. A highly experienced and certified surgeon who has good reputation will surely charge higher fee than an inexperienced one. Select fully dedicated surgeon so that you can achieve best results and natural look. Dr.Anjali Shere M.D.( Dermatology & Hair Transplant Surgeon)

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